Coronavirus in Brittany: An Employee Dismissed for Having Removed his Mask at Work

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In Brittany, an employee dismissed for removing mask

CORONAVIRUS EPIDEMIC: Man explained he removed mask as he was suffering from respiratory problems, former employer defends himself

He had been working as a forklift operator for around twenty years in a window-fitting company based in Briec, near Quimper (Finistère). On May 28, he took off his mask while at work. His management saw him and fired him, reports Le Télégramme . The employee and the Force Ouvrière union contest. The management explains.

To justify his gesture, the former employee explains that he wanted to “breathe a little”, he who suffers from asthma. He assures that he was outside the buildings and that no one was within 150 meters.

Unjustified dismissal?

Questioned by the Breton daily, the boss of the company which employs 200 people assures to have seen his employee without a mask in the very enclosure of the building, which was prohibited since April 22nd and the obligation of the wearing of a mask for protection established by the company to fight the coronavirus epidemic.

The former employee approached the union Force Ouvrière, which denounces an unjustified dismissal. The industrial tribunal was asked to examine the legality of the termination of the employment contract.

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