Weather: One Month of Rain in 24 hours… Extended Weather Alert in Brittany

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One month of rain in 24 hours… Extended weather alert in Brittany

WEATHER: Significant amount of rain fell on the Brittany region but little damage is to be deplored

He showered all day in Rennes. Not much less in Brest, Vannes or Saint-Brieuc. Placed in orange alert, Brittany was abundantly watered this Thursday. According to Meteo France data, the equivalent of a “normal” month of June fell in just 24 hours! But the alert ultimately caused more fear than harm. The firefighters did not know the dantesque day which they expected. The orange vigilance was however extended until 6am Friday morning.

Some fallen trees, flooded cellars and small cut roads. It rained well this Thursday in Brittany. But not enough to overflow the ocean. In a rapid bulletin distributed today, Météo-France recorded 55.2 mm of rain in Ploudalmézeau, in Finistère, when the cumulative amount of June is usually 47.3 mm. After a historically hot May, forecasters expect up to 70 mm of rain to fall over the region. Not very mobile, the disturbance settled well on the coast, watering copiously the west of France.

Few interventions and no injuries

Placed in orange vigilance since Wednesday evening, Finistère, Morbihan and Côtes d’Armor remain alert. But according to the firefighters, these torrential rains did not do too much damage. We thus noted 37 interventions related to bad weather in Finistère, less than a dozen in the three other departments.

The few gusts of wind laid down a few trees, but without doing any damage. “We expected worse. We escaped it, ”comments a Côtes d’Armor firefighter contacted by phone. The situation should not frankly improve for the weekend even if the rains must be less sustained in the region. We are even waiting for a few thunderstorms on Saturday afternoon…

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