Thirty Years Later, Liverpool is Again, Champion of England

Liverpool fans celebrate the title of champion on June 25, 2020 near Anfield Stadium in Liverpool.

Liverpool took advantage of the defeat of Manchester City at Chelsea to officially celebrate their Premier League title and champion of England, 30 years after their last coronation.

The wait was long, thirty years including three months to wonder if the coronavirus was not going to spoil everything. But the Liverpool of Jürgen Klopp reigns again on English football, after the defeat, Thursday June 25, from Manchester City to Chelsea (2-1).

“It’s such an important moment, I’m completely overwhelmed,” reacted the coach before dedicating this title to the supporters. “This evening is for you,” he added.

Hundreds of supporters on the streets

During the night, hundreds of supporters braved the recommendations of the authorities and Klopp himself to party. Smoke, fireworks, flags, scarves, the entire scarlet red panoply of the LFC supporter were there as people hugged and kissed happily in the street.

The Reds had done their part of the job on Wednesday, brilliantly and in the closed door of Anfield, crushing Crystal Palace (4-0).

With 86 points and 23 units ahead of Manchester City seven days from the end, the Klopp gang can finally breathe. “The whole season so far has been incredible,” said Virgil van Dijk, who arrived on the banks of the Mersey in 2018. “Being part of this group of players and having had this course since I joined the club, I am really happy with this title. 

Last title in 1990

Manchester City-Liverpool in a week for the 32 th day will be placing air between two teams that crush the championship for two years.

We can always regret that the Reds are sacred without playing and without an audience. But “honestly, I don’t care,” Klopp replied in anticipation when asked if it would make him less happy.

This long-awaited epilogue erases three decades of frustration, punctuated by disillusionment in 2009, 2014 or even last year, when 97 points were not enough against the Citizens.

By the end of winter, the question was no longer if, but when the Liverpool of 2020 joined that of 1990, the last champion.

At the time, the Premier League had not yet been launched and the English championship was not this colossal financial power competition followed all over the world.

Earliest champion

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic nearly derailed Liverpool’s return to the top by abruptly stopping competition in March.

But by force of will and compromise, sometimes under the threat of gigantic financial losses, football has resumed arriving at a sports verdict which is only justice.

This year, the Reds crushed the Premier League with an unquenchable thirst for victory that allowed them to often break the toughest locks.

Several records fell along the way bear witness to this undivided domination. Liverpool is, after 31 days, the earliest champion in history, having taken 33 for Manchester United in 2001 and City in 2018.

This record is explained by the start in cannonball: they had taken 61 points out of 63 possible during the first 21 days.

With 23 consecutive victories at home, current series, they also erased the Reds from the legendary Bill Shankly (21) from the shelves.

They counted at one point 25 points ahead of City, the largest gap ever noted between a leader and his dolphin.

Still records to break

And it’s not over! They can still improve on the 100 points reached by City in 2017/2018 and their difference of 19 points on United, 2nd.

Ending the season with 19 wins in 19 games at Anfield does not seem impossible, even if, after the visits of the relegation Aston Villa and the midfielder Burnley, it would be necessary to take the best on Chelsea who may play his Champions League place at the 37th day.

This season, where the Reds also won their first Club World Cup in Qatar in December, will undoubtedly have a good place in their very rich history.

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