Rennes: A Pôle Emploi Advisor Threatened with Dismissal for Helping the Unemployed

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Pôle Emploi advisor since 2006 in Rennes, Yann Gaudin is summoned by his management on Tuesday.

Summoned by his management Tuesday for possible dismissal, Yann Gaudin allowed many job seekers to recover unpaid allowances

  • Pôle Emploi advisor in Rennes, Yann Gaudin is summoned by his management on Tuesday for possible dismissal.
  • He says he pays for helping job seekers recover unpaid allowances.
  • The management denies having organized “a system aimed at depriving job seekers of their financial rights”.

“I am just criticised for having done my job properly and for having served job seekers”. Tuesday afternoon, Yann Gaudin will meet in front of the regional office of Pôle Emploi Bretagne in Rennes. Not to be congratulated. This 43-year-old adviser, employed since 2006, is summoned for a preliminary interview. He risks a sanction which can go as far as dismissal.

The facts alleged against him were not notified in the letter he received in early May. But Yann Gaudin already knows what awaits him. “Like a good duckling who opposes nasty practices, I updated an entire organised system which deprives job seekers of their rights”, assures the one who defines himself as a “launcher of” alert ”.

A first anomaly discovered in 2014

It was in 2014 that Yann Gaudin identified the first “anomaly”. It concerns the intermittent of the spectacle at the end of rights who could then claim a specific solidarity aid in the amount of 324 euros. Except that the counsellor discovered that the requested file was not transmitted to them, thus depriving them of this assistance. To inform them of their rights, Yann Gaudin then wrote an email to 8,000 intermittent Breton workers. An initiative that did not have much more to his direction and earned him the first call. “From then on, I started to be wary and to check everything,” says the counsellor.

Since then, Yann Gaudin has discovered other rosemaries within the institution, such as the treatment of certain wages automatically excluded by the system for calculating unemployment benefits. Or even certain aids totally unknown by job seekers. “We often talk about fraud among certain beneficiaries who have received too much, but Pôle Emploi also voluntarily creates less-perceived,” he denounces. Decision-makers are also aware of these malfunctions and maintain them ”.

The management of Pôle Emploi defends itself

On this advice, compiled in a blog hosted by Mediapart, it would have enabled dozens of job seekers to “recover financial loss of nearly 200,000 euros”. Again, this did not earn him applause from management. Laid off for a week last year, the counsellor says he has been the victim of harassment from his hierarchy.

The management of Pôle Emploi Bretagne ensures that the invitation to Yann Gaudin “has nothing to do with his various statements in the press”. If it makes “no comment on the personal file of an employee”, the management of Pôle Emploi denies, however, have organized “a system aimed at depriving job seekers of their financial rights”. “On the contrary, the Pôle Emploi advisers help job seekers on a daily basis in their efforts,” concludes the institution.

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