Green Zone Everywhere, Back to School for all, Reviving the Economy: Emmanuel Macron’s Announcements

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Emmanuel Macron speaks to the French for the 4th time since the beginning of the epidemic coronavirus.

The President of the Republic addressed the French for the fourth time since the start of the coronavirus epidemic. With one course: to revive the country’s economy.

And four. This Sunday, June 14, 2020, Emmanuel Macron delivered a solemn address, the fourth since the start of the coronavirus epidemic in France.

The President of the Republic spoke from the Elysée Palace for around twenty minutes

What to remember from Emmanuel Macron’s speech

The first theme addressed: the third stage of deconfinement.

These announcements were particularly awaited by the inhabitants of Paris and the departments of Ile-de-France, Guyana and Mayotte, classified in the orange zone and therefore always subject to certain restrictions.

“As of tomorrow, the whole territory – with the exception of Mayotte and Guyana where the virus is still actively circulating – will pass into the “green zone”, which will allow in particular a stronger resumption of work, and the reopening of cafes and restaurants in Île-de-France.”

The head of state confirmed the reopening of the borders as of Monday, June 15th.

“From tomorrow, it will again be possible to travel between European countries. And from July 1st, we will be able to go to states outside Europe where the epidemic will be brought under control.”

Back to normal

Emmanuel Macron announced that from June 22nd, nurseries, schools, colleges will have to accommodate all students in a compulsory manner and according to normal attendance rules.

“We must continue to avoid gatherings as much as possible, because we know that they are the main opportunities for the spread of the virus. They will therefore remain very supervised.”

The second round of municipal elections can take place on June 28. Visits will again be authorized in retirement homes.

 “We are going to find France fully. Even if the fight against the epidemic is not over, it is a first victory against the virus.”

Getting the economy going again

The Head of State has set out his priorities. The first is to accelerate recovery.

The economy must be restarted by protecting the most vulnerable. We must regain our independence to live happily and live better. Our first priority will be to rebuild a strong, ecological and united economy

Emmanuel Macron affirms it: “In total, we have mobilized nearly 500 billion euros for our economy, for workers, for entrepreneurs, but also for the most precarious. It’s unprecedented. We will not finance these expenses by raising taxes. We will have to work and produce more so as not to depend on others ”.

“We must do everything to avoid layoffs as much as possible despite the downturn in activity”

“This reconstruction plan will be done with Europe,” he continues.

“The Republic will not unbolt a statue”

In a national context of demonstrations against police violence and racism, Emmanuel Macron advocated “unity around the Republic”.

“We are a nation where everyone must find their place. We will be intractable in the face of racism, anti-Semitism and discrimination and new strong decisions will be made. Our fight must continue. The Republic will not erase any trace or any name from its history, it will not unbolt a statue”

The Head of State praised the work of the police and gendarmes who “deserve the support of the public authorities and the recognition of the Nation”

“Without a republican order, there is neither security nor freedom. This order is assured by the police and gendarmes on our soil. They are exposed to daily risks on our behalf”

More local responsibilities

Finally, the last line of work for Emmanuel Macron: “building new balances in powers and responsibilities”.

“Faced with the epidemic, citizens, businesses, unions, associations, local communities, state agents in the territories have shown ingenuity, efficiency, solidarity. Not everything can be decided so often in Paris. Let us trust them more. Let’s unleash the creativity and energy of the field.”

The Head of State intends “to give unprecedented freedoms and responsibilities to those who act closest to our lives: hospitals, universities and mayors”.

Emmanuel Macron will speak to the French again in July.

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