Coronavirus: The Number of Clusters is Increasing in France but No Sign of Resumption of the Epidemic

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The number of clusters is increasing in France but no sign of resumption of the coronavirus epidemic

EPIDEMIC: The weekly number of coronavirus clusters discovered in France increased from 29 to 37 in the space of seven days

This is one of the data closely scrutinized by the French public health agency (SpF) to assess the state of the coronavirus epidemic. According to the latest figures collected by SpF, the number of clusters – namely groupings of Covid-19 cases – is increasing in France. But the “circulation indicators” of the SARS-CoV-2 virus remain “at low levels,” the agency said.

In its weekly update on the epidemic, Public Health France notes a “slight increase in the number of new clusters  “, but an “absence of uncontrolled community dissemination”. As in previous weeks, SpF notes above all the absence of “signals in favour of a resumption of the epidemic”.

Thirty-seven clusters identified

Between June 7 and June 13, 2,837 patients tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, or 1.3% of the 214,252 PCR tests performed for this week in the country, a rate down compared to the week before (1.5%). However, the weekly number of clusters discovered in France increased from 29 to 37 in the space of seven days. As of June 16, a total of 74 clusters were “under investigation” in the country.

These mainly concern health establishments (20%), private and public companies, excluding health (19%) and extended family environments (16%). An analysis by department shows that the largest number of clusters under investigation is in Guyana (12), in the North (6) and in Loire-Atlantique (5).

Nearly 240 clusters discovered since May 9th

Of a total of 239 clusters discovered since May 9, half are now considered “closed” (no new cases declared after the 14-day isolation period imposed on people in contact with the sick), and 19% are considered “controlled” (absence of new cases seven days after the last case).

A cluster is defined as the occurrence of at least three confirmed or probable cases over a period of 7 days in the same community or among people who participated in the same gathering.

This balance of SpF does not take into account the clusters in the Ehpad or those which occur in small family environments, limited to one family.

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