Coronavirus: Google Maps will be able to Modify your Routes According to the Crowds

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The Google Maps app.

The application, Google Maps has developed new features to help users move around safely during this period of the coronavirus health crisis

The famous navigation application Google Maps will be enriched with new features intended to facilitate the journeys of users during this period of coronavirus pandemic. “Google Maps offers two new features from mid-June. These new features will allow you to get around in the best possible conditions, ” the Mountain View firm said in a press release.

The first new feature will be to send notifications to users when their journey may be affected by restrictions linked to the health crisis, such as the presence of checkpoints or the obligation to wear a protective mask in public transport. This functionality will apply to all means of transport offered on Google Maps.

The temperature will be indicated

The application will indicate the rate of use of public transport. It will also display information on temperature, accessibility for people with reduced mobility and transportation security features.

“Going from point A to point B can be more complicated these days. Because of the Covid-19, it is becoming increasingly important to know how busy a station is at a specific time, or whether the bus has limited traffic schedules, said Ramesh Nagarajan, product management director at Google Maps. Having this information before and during the trip is essential for workers who must get to their workplace safely. ”

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