Travel: The 100 km Rule Lifted for the Whole Country

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The 100 km travel restriction is lifted in France

Edouard Philippe announced this Thursday 28th May 2020 the terms of the second phase of deconfinement with, in particular, the end of the restriction of 100 km to move.

All the lights are green for the stage of June 2. The ban on travelling more than 100 km as the crow flies around his home is now lifted, announced Edouard Philippe this Thursday 28th May 2020, during the presentation of phase 2 of the deconfinement.

According to the Prime Minister, this displacement limitation has “no longer any justification”. However, it should not correspond to a “relaxation of the tension”.

The less you circulate, the less the virus will spread. I appeal to everyone’s vigilance. So if you can postpone a distant trip, it’s probably more reasonable.

No more travel certificate

So far, since May 11th, travel was again allowed without certification, but within the limit of 100 km around your home. Only a “family or compelling professional” reason made it possible to travel exceptionally beyond this distance, with a travel certificate required.

Ten days later, the government clarified the reasons behind these trips over 100 km. Thus, in addition to professional and family reasons, it was now possible to move beyond this perimeter in the event of a move, purchase or rental of real estate.

During these trips, you could be brought to be controlled by the police. The presentation of proof of address less than a year old (invoice type, chequebook, car insurance, etc.) was sufficient. In which case, you risk a fine of 135 euros.

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Four regions were in red

To establish these displacement measures, the government was based on the forecasts of the health authorities, materialized by several deconfinement cards, the last, the definitive of which was presented on May 7th.

Based on three criteria (the circulation of the virus, the number of beds available in intensive care and the capacity of the departments to test the population), this map is now mainly green, with the exception of Île-de-France , Mayotte and Guyana.

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