Toulouse. A Coronavirus Case Detected in a School, Staff Tested, Establishment Closed on Monday

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The Ernest-Renan nursery school in Toulouse will be closed Monday, May 25, 2020 after the detection of a first case of Covid-19 among the ATSEM

The Ernest-Renan nursery school in Toulouse will be closed on Monday 25th May 2020: an ATSEM has been declared positive at Covid-19 and a dozen staff are being tested.

These are the organizations union who gave the warning on social networks: a first case Covid-19 was identified in recent days among the staff of the nursery Ernest Renan School in Toulouse. The establishment will be closed on Monday 25th May 2020. We are taking stock.

A first positive ATSEM at Covid-19

In a letter sent to Mayor Jean-Luc Moudenc on Saturday, the CHSCT of the Sud CT and CGT 31 unions indicate that an ATSEM (the agents who assist teachers in the classroom, editor’s note ) tested positive on Covid-19 in this school on Wednesday kindergarten in the Izards district of Toulouse. These same unions assure “that another ATSEM of this establishment, which” declared fever and aches “, was also tested Friday, and should receive the results shortly.

Unions demand placement in fortnight

Reflecting an “anxiety-provoking situation” among the agents, “very worried about being contaminated”, the unions feared the modalities of opening the school this week, and asked, “that the municipal staff who worked on the Ernest- Renan since its opening, be tested as soon as possible ”. Contact cases which must “be placed in the fortnight, as recommended by the ARS”.

The school will be closed on Monday, announces the town hall

“We had the information that there was a case of Covid-19 in this school Friday evening and we immediately set in motion the health protocol, in connection with the ARS and National Education”, assures Marion Lalane from Laubadère. The deputy mayor of Toulouse in charge of school affairs testifies:

It is an ATSEM which was present only the first week of reopening, that of May 11. The second, she was on vacation. On Saturday, the ARS did not recommend closing the school and we had initially set up a “brigade” of replacement agents so that we could reopen on Monday. In view of the various concerns, we made the choice this Sunday, with the Academic Director of the National Education Services, to close the school on Monday. It should reopen Tuesday, unless reverse recommendations are made to us.

Teachers will exercise their right of alert

In another letter, addressed to the Inspector of the academy this time, teachers from Ernest-Renan assert their right of alert and “ask that the school be closed until all the staff are tested and get the results of the screening tests ”. Otherwise, they warn, they will exercise their right of withdrawal. These teachers write:

We consider ourselves threatened by a grave danger. No action has been taken to address the risks of contamination to our people or to the students.

” The sanitary disinfection protocol was perfectly ensured in this school, as in the others,” defends Marion Lalane-de-Laubadère. “The premises are strictly and rigorously disinfected, as required by the protocol. If we have a doubt, we close! This is also why we opted for a gradual reopening ”.A dozen school staff tested

The deputy mayor also specifies that “a dozen school staff are being tested”. It details:

“According to the protocol, they are put in isolation until the test results, after which they will be quarantined if it is positive, or they will come back to work if it is negative. “

The rectorate had to contact the parents of students to inform them of the situation. Namely, that the establishment welcomes “between 8 and 10 students” during this very specific post-confinement period.

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