Netflix: Why Hundreds of Thousands of Subscribers Could Lose their Accounts

Hundreds of thousands of Netflix subscribers will have their inactive accounts deleted.

Netflix has announced that subscriber accounts that haven’t watched anything for a while will be deleted.

The Netflix initiative affects hundreds of thousands of usersThe SVOD platform announced on May 21st 2020 on its official blog that it would delete the accounts of inactive subscribers.

Subscribers who haven’t watched Netflix content for at least a year since signing up, like those who haven’t watched anything for two years, will receive alerts (emails, notifications) asking if they want to keep their subscription.

“If they do not confirm that they wish to continue subscribing, we will automatically cancel their subscription,” says the platform.

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Hundreds of thousands of affected accounts

Eddy Wu, the director of innovation at Netflix, specifies that these inactive accounts represent less than 0.5% “of our global member base, only a few hundred thousand”.

An initiative taken for economic reasons, in favour of subscribers, ensures:

“We hope this new approach will save people hard-earned money. At Netflix, the last thing we want is for people to pay for something they don’t use.”

Favourites kept for ten months

And if these former users change their minds, it will still be possible to re-register with ease. This is also one of the wishes of Netflix, whose management has ” always thought that it should be easy to register and cancel”.

“So, as always, anyone who cancels their account and then re-registers within 10 months will always have their favourites, profiles, display preferences and account details exactly as they left it,” details the platform. streaming, which registered nearly 15.8 million new subscribers during the first quarter of the year, marked by containment.

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