La Casa de Papel Will Have a Season 5 on Netflix, According to the Creator of the series

La Casa de Papel will have a season 5, confirms the creator of the Netflix series.

The continuation of the adventures of the robbers and the Professor in La Casa de Papel, not yet officially ordered by Netflix, “arrives”, assures Alex Pina.

“El Profesor” and his family of robbers wearing Dali masks are forced to return. Especially after the finale of season 4 of Casa de Papel, available since April 3rd, 2020, on Netflix.

The creator of the Spanish event series, Alex Pina, confirmed on Wednesday 13th May 2020 to the American media Deadline that La Casa de Papel will indeed have a season 5 :

“Season 5 is coming.”

Not yet ordered by Netflix

The creator Alex Pina, however, wanted to be careful during this interview granted on the occasion of the release on the platform Friday 15th May of his new series, White Lines.

Because Netflix has not yet officially ordered season 5 of La Casa de Papel, and therefore not yet communicated on it, as it does with each renewal of its flagship series.

According to Alex Pina, the return of Tokyo, Rio, Denver … and the other emblematic characters is not in doubt, specifying that season 4 has been seen by 65 million households in one month.

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