In La Baule, a Beach Overloaded with Towels

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Despite the “active beach” instructions, the towels are out on La Baule beach.

It was stormed this Thursday 21st May 2020, by vacationers, under the sun of the Ascension holiday. On the hot sand, many did not hesitate to sunbathe, despite the ban and the risk of a fine.

“Isn’t it forbidden the towel on the beach?” “, Throws a passerby on the embankment. In front of her, the image is striking on this Ascension Thursday, on the long beach of La Baule (Loire-Atlantique). Since 2 pm, it has been crowded under a hot sun. It is between 26 and 27 degrees. It’s rising tide. The towels are spread out on the sand. Some, rarer, have even dared to unfold the large parasol with floral patterns.

“A mass effect”, say most, to justify their act, punishable by a fine of 135 euros. “Yes, I know I have no right,” says the teenager, his hair still wet. “But this rule is almost unfair. Look at the people on the embankment! They sit, like us, but risk nothing. “

Words shared by many. The “bronzed” calculate visibly, they think they respect the barrier distances. “Around me are the towels of my loved ones”, explains Stéphanie, the Nantes mother who watches the children in the water.


The image of this static tan necessarily divides on the seafront of the seaside resort. “I don’t understand these people. It is still more pleasant to walk in the cool water, ”estimates a family from Rennes, who came to enjoy the charm of the nine-kilometre bay… after having themselves slightly exceeded the limit of 100 kilometres…

“I am disgusted by this non-civism,” says Gildas, putting on his jumpsuit. He arrives from Nantes with his children for a paddle session. “My wife, who does not do water sports, stayed in our apartment. “ The father feared closure of the beach in the coming days.

A feeling shared by Alain, who has just met Annick and Jean-Yves, his friends. The three La Baule residents, surprised by the magnitude of the situation, observe the beach together. The debate it: “But where is the police? Now is the time to verbalize!  For these retirees, few to be the masked date, no doubt the sanctions will fall in the coming days. “We will probably be deprived of an incredible place because of this disrespectful behaviour, it is disappointing. “

“No control”

A new closure would be a disaster for the few beach businesses that have just reopened. In Punch in La Baule, serving drinks to take away. “We are trying to educate customers. They are told to consume while walking, explains the co-manager. If the beach were to close? I would resent the tourists and the police. No control is made to regulate the phenomenon. ”

Wednesday, the regional prefect Claude d’Harcourt announced to take stock of the situation this Friday, after a firm warning about the gatherings on the beaches and along the Loire. If he considers that it goes wrong, he will not hesitate to sanction firmly. Like its neighbour in Morbihan.

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