Football: Twelve Cases of Coronavirus in a Mexican First Division Team

Twelve cases of coronavirus in a Mexican first division team

Santos Laguna registers four new Covid-19 positive cases, bringing the number of infected people in the club to twelve.

Traditionally, May 20th is a day of joy in Santos Laguna. It was precisely on this day that the club from Mexico won the first division championship three times. But this year, the celebration does not have the same flavour. Reviews earlier this week revealed eight Coronavirus Covid-19 positive cases , and four more are now added, bringing the total number of people infected to twelve.

La Liga MX, Mexico’s first division championship, said in a statement that players who test positive will be isolated and under observation.

Goalkeeper Jonathan Orozco hit

If the club has not communicated the identity of the infected players, Jonathan Orozco, goalkeeper of Santos, has admitted to being part of it. I was informed that I was positive, he commented on social networks. As you can see, I feel good and I’m fine, I have no symptoms, and my family is fine too. ”

The doorman admitted he did not comply with the regulations on social distancing, as revealed by the Mexican press by publishing photos showing him singing microphone in hand with two people on May 12. I organized something at home because I like to sing, I invited two people and I want to clarify that I have not left my house at all […] I apologize, it’s not the example I want to set, pleaded Orozco, assuring that none of his teammates was present that day.

More than 6,500 deaths attributed to Covid-19 have been recorded in Mexico for nearly 60,000 cases, according to the Johns Hopkins University count.

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