Deconfinement: A New Box Added to the Certificate for Trips of More Than 100 km

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With deconfinement a new box added to certificate for trips over 100km

DECONFINEMENT: In a decree published this Thursday in the Official Journal, a new certificate provides for an eighth scenario during deconfinement

There were “professional”, “family”, “school” or “legal” motives…. There are now also “real estate” motives. From this Thursday, a new version of the certificate to be completed to make a trip of more than 100 km outside his department of residence provides indeed an eighth box or “case scenario” for “trips related to a move resulting from a change of domicile and travel essential to the acquisition or rental of a property which cannot be deferred ”.

A simplification measure

This addition follows a decree published this Thursday in the Official Journal. In practice, as since the beginning of the deconfinement, only trips over 100 km made by professional movers respecting strict sanitary conditions remain authorized without restriction.

If you wish to carry out your move yourself more than 100 km away, you will still need to be able to certify that it is “not likely to be deferred” in other words, cannot be postponed (proof that your notice has been filed and that your lease has come to a deadline for example, or certificate of your Crous for university accommodation). But you will no longer need to write a declaration of honour and add by hand “moving” next to the box “compelling family motive”. You just need to tick a dedicated box in the new official travel certificate which will soon be available on the website of the Ministry of the Interior.

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