Deconfinement: Here is the Compulsory Certificate to Move more than 100 km

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Leaving more than 100 km from your home without any compelling reason will result in a fine of 135 euros.

From Tuesday 12th May 2020, you must have a certificate proving a “compelling, family or professional reason” for trips more than 100 km from home.

She was expected, after a hiccup on the first day of deconfinement, here it is: the compulsory certificate for trips more than 100 km from her home is online, this Tuesday 12th May 2020. 

Since Monday, we can once again go out into the street, to go to work, go shopping, play sports or go to see those close to us, without a derogatory certificate. But there is no question of going more than 100 km without the precious sesame in your pocket.

To continue to curb the coronavirus epidemic and avoid a second wave, the government is still limiting travel. It is therefore impossible to travel more than 100 km from home without “compelling, professional or family reason”.

How to download the certificate?

When you absolutely must leave this perimeter (calculated as the crow flies) or your department, you will now have to make a “declaration of movement”. The latter can be downloaded from the website of the Ministry of the Interior.

As with the derogatory certificate which became customary during confinement, it is available in pdf format for printing or in digital version.

We find on this new certificate familiar reasons: journeys to go to the places of exercise of the professional activity, for health consultation, for the assistance of vulnerable people, for a legal summons or even to participate in missions of ‘general interest … And a novelty, since the schools are starting to reopen their doors: journeys to accompany a person in school.

Risk of fine

In addition to this certificate, you will need to provide for any trip (even less than 100 km, in the event of an inspection), proof of address: invoice, chequebook, car insurance, etc.

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner has warned: police checks will be carried out in stations, terminals, on certain sections of motorways and busy roads. Persons checked without a certificate or without compelling reason are liable to a fine of 135 euros.

The new certificate was long overdue. It was to be available from Monday, May 11th, the first day of the lifting of containment, but the law extending the state of health emergency was not promulgated in time, for lack of opinion from the Constitutional Council. The latter finally validated largely Monday evening .

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