Covid-19: Very Slight Increase in the Number of Patients Hospitalised in France

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Very slight increase in the number of patients hospitalised with Covid-19 in France

The coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic continues to decline overall, despite a slight increase in hospitalisations since the day before, according to the latest health report, this Sunday 24th May 

At the end of the first long weekend after May 11th, the health authorities took stock of the Covid-19 epidemic on Sunday 24th May 2020.

In a press release, the Directorate General of Health said that despite the recent decreases recorded, the virus still continues to circulate. A very slight increase in hospitalisations has even been recorded since the previous day, a first since mid-April. Public Health France indicates:

Since April 15, the number of COVID-19 cases in hospital has been decreasing every day. Today, this number did not decrease between the day of May 23 and 24 (+7 hospitalisations).

A situation which can be explained according to the organisation by “a delay in declarations due to the long weekend of the ascent and the length of hospital stay may be prolonged due to this long weekend”.

The figures to know, this Sunday 24th May 2020: 

  • Still no report on the overall number of deaths . The health authorities indicate that the data relating to mortality “are not available” and that “the next update will take place on Monday 25 May”. The last assessment of Public Health France reported 28,367 deaths on May 24, an incomplete assessment, because with the extended weekend, all the figures have not come up.
  • 17,185 people are still hospitalised for Covid-19 infection. This is 2176 fewer patients than a week ago, but 7 more since the results of Saturday May 23 .
  • 1655 serious cases are hospitalised in intensive care. Health authorities continue to see a negative balance in intensive care, with 10 fewer serious cases in the past 24 hours.
  • 4 regions (Île-de-France, Grand-Est, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Hauts-de-France) alone account for 71% of patients hospitalized in intensive care.
  • 100,340 people have been hospitalised since the start of the epidemic, including 17,725 in intensive care.
  • 64,617 patients  returned home cured.
  • 188 countries  are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. 5.3 million people were affected, 342,694 people died, but 2.12 million people were cured. Europe remains strongly impacted with 1.81 million cases and 168,790 deaths.

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