Coronavirus: The StopCovid Application will be Ready on June 2nd, without Apple or Google

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The StopCovid application will be ready on June 2, without Apple or Google

DIGITAL:  According to the calendar unveiled this Tuesday by Cédric O, the debate on this application, StopCovid should take place around May 25th

Secretary of State for Digital Cédric O announced on Tuesday that the StopCovid application will be ready on June 2nd to support deconfinement. It should make it possible to trace contacts with people diagnosed positive for the coronavirus. Also announced: StopCovid will be done without Apple and Google.

“Today, we can say that we will be ready for June 2nd,” said Cédric O on BFM Business. During the presentation of his deconfinement plan, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe had maintained his confidence in the project, which aroused criticism even within the majority, reaffirming his intention to submit it to a debate followed by a vote at the Assembly “when the application under development will work and before its implementation”.

A debate in Parliament at the end of May

For Cédric O, “the development time is progressing relatively well” and the calendar is now established. “We will enter the test phase next week, that is to say that we will reproduce real situations to verify that the application works well. Which would allow us I think, if the Prime Minister and the conference of the presidents of the assemblies decide, to make so that we can come back to the parliamentarians (…) in the week of May 25th to consider a deployment during the second phase the decontainment from 2nd June. ”

The Secretary of State anticipates that the National Data Protection Commission (Cnil) can also decide on the subject by the end of May. It now excludes a partnership with the American giant’s Apple and Google, which control the two large global application stores (App store and Google Play store) and want to quickly offer a common base for a contact tracking application.

A “state affair”, not companies

“We refused” solutions from Apple and Google “posing as us a number of problems in terms of protection of privacy and in terms of interconnection with the health system,” said Cedric O.

“It is for these problems, not because Apple and Google are big bad wolves, that we refused to go through their solutions. We will have a solution that will work very satisfactorily on all phones and we consider that the control of the health system, the fight against coronavirus, it is the business of States (…) not necessarily that of large companies American, “added the Secretary of State for Digital.

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