Coronavirus in the Haut-Rhin: No More Patients in the Mulhouse Field Military Hospital

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In Haut-Rhin, the Army hospital at Mulhouse is to be dismantled

HEALTH: Due to the decrease in the number of seriously ill patients with Coronavirus Covid-19, the resuscitation unit of the army, installed in Mulhouse, has not received anyone since May 7th

It had been deployed at the foot of the civilian hospital in Mulhouse, in the Haut-Rhin, to relieve the establishment in the face of the coronavirus epidemic. The army field hospital currently has no more patients due to the decline in the number of seriously ill patients, we learned on Saturday from the armies.

“The last patient was transferred on May 7th,” a military source told AFP, without specifying how many beds were still installed. “To my knowledge, there are no more patients but still beds, ready to be refilled if ever we needed them,” said the prefect of Haut-Rhin, Laurent Touvet, during a press conference.

Partial disassembly in April

With an initial capacity of thirty beds, one of the three spans of this equipment installed in a few days, in March, on the parking lot of the public hospital, had been dismantled on April 18th, in view of the improvement in the sanitary situation in the Haut-Rhin.

Its possible complete dismantling “is a decision that is taken at government level to see where in France we need this hospital the most and whether its presence is still necessary in Mulhouse or not,” explained Laurent Touvet.

Two days before the start of the deconfinement, the prefect of Haut-Rhin underlined the difficulty in finding a “balance between the situation which is improving but which one is not sure that it has definitely improved”.

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