Bob Sinclar’s Concert at the Top of the Arc de Triomphe is Postponed

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Bob Sinclar will not perform Monday evening at the top of the Arc de Triomphe

For safety, the organizers of the Bob Sinclar concert from the Arc de Triomphe have decided to postpone the event.

No concert for Bob Sinclar at the top of the Arc de TriompheNot yet, in any case.

Scheduled this Monday 4th May, this charity live is postponed. 

The organizers made this decision the event, in particular, according to BFMTV, due to a disagreement from the Interior Ministry.

It would, therefore, be a postponement, the moment being considered inappropriate in terms of confinement and the authorities were probably concerned that the concert would cause an undesirable gathering at this time.

For the Circle music platform, organizer of the event, the “craze (around the concert) has aroused many reactions, in particular from certain people who misunderstood that this DJ set was produced without public and only online.
Despite our various communications and those of the artist, some press articles have led to believe that it was a real concert. “

The concert was to raise funds for the fight against the coronavirus.

It was to start at 8:02 p.m. after the applause from the caregivers.

All donations were to be fully and directly donated to three organizations: Médecins Sans Frontières , the  Fondation de France and the One-O-One endowment fund.

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