Australia: The Country’s StopCovid has Identified Just a Single Case Despite the Millions of Downloads

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The StopCovid digital tracking app

DETECTION: To date, the digital tracking app similar to StopCovid has identified only one “contact case”, namely a person potentially infected with the coronavirus

Countries around the world are developing digital plotting applications. Supposed to stem the Covid-19 epidemic, these apps do not necessarily keep their promises. In Australia, the COVIDSafe application, launched at the end of April, has so far recorded only one contact case despite six million downloads recorded, reports BFMTV which also quotes the Guardian.

An ineffective app?

The principle of these applications is based on the fact of warning the user of the presence in the vicinity of a contact case, that is to say, a person potentially contaminated by the virus. For this, COVIDSafe relies on Bluetooth technology and the location system of your smartphone.

First presented as a first choice solution by the Australian government, the tracking app is struggling to bear fruit. Today, the authorities seem to lower their ambitions. Campaigns to promote the app, broadcast on television, radio or on the Internet, are becoming rarer.

A tool that has become “complementary”

Today, COVIDSafe is considered as a simple tool to complement the manual tracing of the coronavirus. This tracing is carried out “by health brigades to identify, through health data and questionnaires, potential contamination”, summarizes BFMTV.

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