United States: Extension of Confinement is “Fascist” and “Not Democratic” for Elon Musk

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Extension of confinement is "fascist" and "not democratic" for Elon Musk

EPIDEMIC: Confinement has been extended in California and in particular in Fremont, the city housing the American Tesla plant near San Francisco

For Elon Musk, extending the confinement to stem the spread of the Covid-19 is “fascist,” said the whimsical boss of Tesla on Wednesday during the conference call analyzing the company’s quarterly results.

“The extension of confinement (…) forcibly imprisons people at home, against their constitutional rights, this is my opinion. It is violating the freedoms of individuals in a horrible and unfair way, “he said, adding,” It is outrageous! It is a scandal. It will do great harm (to businesses), not just Tesla. ”

“It is not democratic. It’s not freedom ”

Elon Musk, known for his rowdy statements, later took advantage of a question on a possible policy of major works, to drive the point home. “To tell people that they cannot leave their homes and that they would be arrested if they did is fascist. It is not democratic. It is not freedom. Give people back their damn freedom, ”he said. Earlier, the leader, considered by many observers as a visionary, had added his voice to that of businessmen calling for the end of the confinement.

“Free America now!” “He notably tweeted. The anger of Elon Musk comes after the prolongation of the confinement in California and in particular in Fremont, city sheltering the American factory of Tesla close to San Francisco. Tesla had reluctantly agreed to close it on March 19th and wanted to reopen it on May 4th. But faced with the decision of the health authorities, the manufacturer of electric vehicles does not know when the activity can resume.

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