Three Cases of Coronavirus Covid-19 Detected at Craon-Renazé Hospital

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Three cases of Coronavirus Covid-19 detected at Craon-Renazé hospital

The local hospital in the southwest of Craon and Renazé in Mayenne drew up an initial assessment of the situation linked to the coronavirus epidemic. And we guess a rise in power.

The local hospital in the southwest of Mayenne ( HLSOM ) in Craon and Renazé (Mayenne) drew up a report on April 1, 2020 concerning the situation of the coronavirus epidemic.

One hospitalized patient tested positive for Coronavirus Covid-19. He is present at CHLSOM.

Two other hospitalized patients also tested positive for Coronavirus Covid-19. They were transferred to another hospital centre.

Four patients and residents tested for the Coronavirus Covid-19 are awaiting results.

Three residents were tested negative for Coronavirus Covid-19.

New measures

The hospital therefore recalls that no patient or resident test positive for Coronavirus Covid-19 has been observed.

The establishment indicates that its medical / SRH (follow-up care and rehabilitation) capacity remains “preserved”.

Following ministerial recommendations, new Coronavirus Covid-19 dedicated zones have been set up: five medical beds / SSR Craon site and five medical beds / SSR Renazé site.

The HLSOM is preparing the deployment of new dedicated COVID 19 zones “in USLD (Long-Term Care Unit) and EHPAD if necessary”.

It was decreed the confinement in a room of all the patients and residents of the establishment but the social bond is preserved by a reinforcement of the personnel, the deployment of digital tablets, and the installation of individualized animations.

The establishment recalls the importance of respecting confinement and barrier gestures.

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