Near Toulouse: Fire Breaks Out in Recycling Company, 30 Firefighters Mobilised

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Near Toulouse. Fire breaks out in recycling company, 30 firefighters mobilised

A fire destroyed nearly 10,000 m3 of green waste, Sunday 5th April 2020, at the end of the afternoon, in a recycling company in Portet-sur-Garonne, near Toulouse.

The origin of the incident is unknown at this time. But the fire that started on Sunday 5th April 2020, at the end of the afternoon, in a recycling company in Portet-sur-Garonne, near Toulouse, mobilized around thirty firefighters and had to do under surveillance all night.

10,000 m3 of green waste in smoke

The fire started around 5:30 p.m. on avenue du Bois vert at Maria Valorisation, a recycling company for individuals, artisans and industrialists. It is at the level of a pile of plants and pallets stored in the open air that the fire would have started. Five spears were necessary to control it.

In total, according to the emergency services, “nearly 10,000 m3 of shavings and green waste have been destroyed”. Fortunately, “no one was injured.”

An investigation was opened to determine the causes of the incident. A priority, no technical unemployment was envisaged by the company.

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