Facebook Launches its Video Game Application, Facebook Gaming

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Facebook launched Monday April 20, 2020 its video game application, Facebook Gaming. Until now, the service only existed outside the application.

With Facebook Gaming, the social network offers a live streaming application to compete with Twitch, YouTube Gaming or even Mixer.

It is available since Monday 20th April 2020 on the PlaystoreFacebook has just launched its video game streaming application.

Dubbed soberly Facebook Gaming App, the live streaming application intends to compete with the market leader, Twitch, but also YouTube Gaming or Mixer.

What is Facebook Gaming?

“Welcome to Facebook Gaming, a place to watch, share and play your favourite games. For several months now, Facebook Gaming has been a tab available on the social network for users who love video games.

Since Monday 20th April, Facebook therefore also offers its application dedicated entirely to live streaming, announced a spokesman for the American giant to the New York Times. 

The application must make it possible to share a part of the game live with its subscribers or friends on the social network.

Before being launched on Android this Monday, and pending validation from Apple to offer it soon on iOS, the application has been tested for almost 18 months in Southeast Asia and Latin America.

A launch which arrives with a little advance, since it was initially planned for June 2020. But with more than half of the world population confined in the world, Facebook decided to revise its calendar. Fiji Simo, director of the Facebook app, told the New York Times :

“Investing in gaming in general has become a priority for us, as we see gaming as a form of entertainment that truly connects people.”

Video game fans can watch live streaming or create their own content.
Video game fans can watch live streaming or create their own content. (© Google Play screenshot)

How it works?

Once the application is downloaded for free to their smartphone and connected to their Facebook account, the user has access to games, but also to special communities dedicated to the game.

The Go Live function will undoubtedly interest more than one. It allows you to launch the streaming of any game on your Facebook profile. You can also simply watch the games of other players.

Favourite players, the “streamers”, can be paid by their subscriber community thanks to a virtual currency, the “Stars”. Each time the user purchases “Stars” to encourage their favourite streamer, Facebook takes a commission.

No ads should be displayed on the app, according to Facebook, at least when it is launched. Last year, according to The Information, the ad grossed nearly $ 300 million to market leader Twitch.

On Facebook, “more than 700 million people play games, watch game videos or participate in group play,” said the American firm on its dedicated site.

Facebook's gaming application is launched on Monday April 20, 2020 on Android.
Facebook’s gaming application is launched on Monday April 20, 2020 on Android. (© Google Play screenshot)

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