Deconfinement: Gatherings will Remain Limited to 10 People after May 11th

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After deconfinement on May 11th, Gatherings will be limited to 10 people

Social life will have to resume very carefully after May 11th. The Prime Minister detailed before the Assembly which rallies could be held again.

“Deconfinement is the return to social life “, but with the greatest vigilance. This is the message that Edouard Philippe tried to get across this Tuesday, 28th April 2020, during his hearing before the deputies to present the plan to restart the country from May 11th  after months of confinement to curb the epidemic of coronavirus.

While many doctors and scientists are worried about a second wave of contamination, the Prime Minister has been firm: rallies will still be very limited. Here are his main announcements.

Avoid gatherings to avoid spread

  • All gatherings limited to 10 people

Meetings on public roads as in private places will initially be limited to ten people maximum. Objective: “avoid gatherings which are so many occasions for the spread of the virus. ”

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  • Travel more than 100 km from his home limited

If it will again be possible to leave your home without a certificate, this will be compulsory for trips more than 100 km from your home. These trips will be “possible for a compelling reason, family or professional,” said Edouard Philippe.

  • No religious ceremony before June

Concerning places of worship, the Prime Minister specified that they could remain open but no ceremony could take place “before June 2nd”. Marriages, “except emergency”, must be postponed.

  • Burials always in a restricted setting

If the cemeteries can reopen on May 11, funeral ceremonies can only be held “within the limit of 20 people”.

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  • Cinemas, theatres and large museums still closed

Cinema, theatre and even major museums will not be able to reopen as of May 11, unlike libraries, media libraries and small museums.

  • The parks reopened only in certain departments, no beaches

“The parks and gardens, so essential to the balance of life in the city, can only open in the departments where the virus is not actively circulating,” the head of government announced on Tuesday. The beaches will remain inaccessible at least until June 1st.

Many festivals cancelled

Even before the confinement began, the government had prohibited gatherings: first those of more than 1,000 people (which included many concerts, matches, shows, cinemas, etc.), and finally reduced to those of more than 100 people, on May 13th.

A month later, by announcing the extension of the confinement, Emmanuel Macron had indicated that the festivals could not be held before mid-July, at least. Many events have therefore been cancelled, such as Hellfest, Beauregard, Vieilles Charrues, Lollapalooza …

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