Covid-19: Pharmacies Authorised to Sell Masks for the General Public

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Pharmacies will be able to sell masks for the general public

Two new categories of masks, in addition to surgical and FFP2, were created at the end of March 2020. They can be sold in pharmacies as of this Sunday 26th April

They could only sell surgical or FFP2 type masksAs of Sunday 26th April 2020, pharmacies will be able to offer their customers masks for the general public, or non-health masks. The authorization was issued via a decree published in the Official Journal .

Pharmacies will, therefore, be able to supply “non-sanitary masks produced according to an industrial process and meeting the applicable technical specifications”.

Two new mask categories

How do they differ from other masks? At the end of March, at the end of an approach supervised by the National Medicines Safety Agency (ANSM), two new categories were created, in addition to surgical masks (anti-splash) and type FFP2 (personal respiratory protection mask) ) . Made of fabrics and meeting the AFNOR standard, they will be manufactured by conventional companies.

  • Filter masks for use by professionals in contact with the public (category 1)

These are filter masks intended for people who receive the public in the context of their professional activities (police, gendarmes, cashier hostesses, etc.). “They filter more than 90% of the emitted particles of a size greater than or equal to 3 microns compatible with this use”, explain the authorities.

  • Filter masks to protect an entire group wearing these masks and without contact with the public (category 2)

These masks are intended for people in the professional environment having occasional contacts with other people.

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Towards wearing a generalized mask?

What equip many French, while the wearing of the mask tends to become widespread. At the end of confinement, it will be compulsory in public transport.

The Scientific Council goes even further and recommends that it must be worn in middle and high schools, public places and transport for several months. 

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