Covid-19: Government Announces New Financial Aid For Farmers

The government has announced new financial aid for confined farmers

This allowance, up to 112 euros per day, can be paid to those forced to stay at home, to babysit, or to have contracted the coronavirus.

Up to 112 euros per day: this is what farmers affected by the Covid-19 will now be able to touch. The ministries of Agriculture, Health and Action and Public Accounts announced Wednesday 29th April 2020 the establishment of a new financial allocation for farmers.

One more gesture to enable them to bear the cost of a replacement to carry out their essential daily activities (such as milking cows ), while many farmers must remain confined to their homes.

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Mandatory proof

In detail, the farmers forced to stay at home are concerned, “either because they are affected by Covid-19”, “or [because they] must keep a child under 16 years of age or an elderly child under 18 with disabilities ”.

To receive this aid, which will be paid “to replacement services if the operator calls on their service or directly to the operator if he has hired directly”, it is imperative to have proof, underlines the interministerial press release.

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Retroactive allowance

Note that this allowance, which will be paid by the funds of the Mutualité sociale agricole (MSA), is retroactiveIt may, therefore, apply to those who have already taken a replacement since March 16th, 2020, the start of containment.

Finally, this aid runs over the entire period of the state of health emergency , adopted on Monday 24th March 2020, and which lasts until the end of May.

Provided that the state of health emergency is not extended “until July 23rd”, an idea proposed Tuesday 28th April by Edouard Philippe during his presentation of the deconfinement plan before the deputies.

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Volunteers to work in the fields

It is not the first time that the government has paid attention to the situation of farmers, forced to reorganize their daily life in these times of health crisis.

Thus, at the end of March, the Minister of Agriculture Didier Guillaume had called on the confined French, in particular, the unemployed and the self-employed, to come and help the farmers in the fields.

At the end of March, the sector had indicated that it needed 200,000 volunteers from April to May to “replace the seasonal reinforcements, often foreign, who usually come during this period and can no longer circulate with the coronavirus”, had indicated to  Mickaël Jacquemin, president of the National association employment training agriculture (ANEFA). 

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