Covid-19: 18,681 Deaths in Total, 6,027 Serious Patients… Update on the Situation in France

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In this fourth week of confinement, the number of deaths linked to Covid-19 continues to increase in France.

The coronavirus continues to claim victims in France. The health authorities note however a negative balance of hospital patients for the 9th consecutive day.

According to the latest report from the health authorities, this Friday, April 17, 2020, 18,681 people have died from the coronavirus since the beginning of March, that is 7,203 in nursing homes and 11,478 in hospitals. It is therefore 761 additional deaths since the last assessment yesterday Thursday.

The Director-General of Health, Jérôme Salomon, reports that 31,190 people are currently hospitalized in 1,279 health establishments for Covid-19 infection. That’s 2,167 more patients admitted in 24 hours. Of the total number of patients, 68% reveal pre-existing health problems.

If the health authorities note a negative balance in the number of patients hospitalized since the 9th consecutive day, 6,027 people are in serious condition. 243 new patients have also admitted to intensive care since yesterday.

Note that since the beginning of March, 34,420 people have recovered from the coronavirus. But the circulation of the virus “remains at a high level,” admits the Director-General of Health.

A cabin to protect caregivers

On the front line facing Coronavirus Covid-19caregivers are a population at risk. To continue exercising their functions safely, a treatment cabin is currently being tested near Toulouse.

It will allow doctors and nurses to examine patients behind a wall.

Antibody therapy

All researchers around the world are mobilized to find an effective treatment as quickly as possible against the virus. In Nantes, the start-up Xenothera is currently working on an antibody-based treatment.

A first step towards a clinical trial by the end of June on patients hospitalized at the CHU.

A call to suspend rents

To counter the economic difficulties linked to the Covid-19 crisis, tenants decided to suspend the payment of their rents, following an appeal launched by the association Droit au Logement (DAL).

All are asking the government for a “rental moratorium for tenants in difficulty”.

Contactless payment ceiling increased

As of May 11th, 2020, the limit for contactless payment will rise to 50 euros instead of 30 euros.

The Groupement des Cartes Bancaires confirms the new measure:

“All players in digital payments (banks, merchants, payment systems) are starting to work today to secure the deployment of this measure.”

Objective: To support the gradual recovery of businesses.

Can hairdressers reopen on May 11?

In any case, that’s what they hope for. Christophe Castaner, the Minister of the Interior, had confirmed after the speech by Emmanuel Macron, that “as regards hairdressers and florists, the objective is that these businesses can be opened”.

A helping hand, therefore, for the profession. However, it will be necessary to comply with security measures. The government should present its “post-May 11th plan” within two weeks.

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