Coronavirus: Wearing a Mask Imposed in Transport, Distribution and Verbalisation on the Program

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he Elysee Palace announced this Thursday, April 23, 2020 that the wearing of masks and social distancing will have to be mandatory in transport.

Thursday 23rd April 2020, the President of the Republic announced that wearing a mask and respecting a distance will be mandatory in transport after May 11th

After a long meeting with the mayors, the Elysée announced this Thursday 23rd April 2020 several measures that could be applied during deconfinement. This should be progressive from May 11th.

A long-awaited date for many French people. But we must continue to be careful in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus. The Elysée, therefore, announced that it will be necessary to respect a social distancing in transport and necessarily wear a protective mask,  reports BFM TV.

What implementation?

The wearing of the protective mask is not a surprise because it was a request of many elected officials and Valérie Pécresse (Libres!), President of the Ile-de-France Region, had announced this point during her last television intervention.

It was she who spoke on Thursday evening to unveil the implementation of the wearing of masks in transport in Ile-de-France. She explained that ”  all travellers will have masks donated by the Region”. The president affirms that a reflection is in hand so that free distribution is organized.

Verbalization of travellers

“I wish there was no indulgence with regard to the wearing of the mask. Because if 98% of people have them and if 2% do not, they should not be allowed to enter transport. If they do, they must be verbalized. So there must be sanctions.”

The president insisted that the agents of the SNCF and the RATP could “verbalize” the travelers who would not wear masks, “because otherwise the efforts of 98% will be reduced to nil by the indiscipline of the 2%”, she said.

Friday 24th April 2020, the Secretary of State for Transport indicated, on RMC, that the transport offer in Ile-de-France should be “70% for May 11th”. A real feat because currently, it is only 30%.

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