Coronavirus: Two New Deaths at Châteaubriant Hospital

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Two more coronavirus deaths at Châteaubriant

Two patients with coronavirus died this week at the Châteaubriant hospital (Loire-Atlantique). Six have died since the start of the epidemic.

Six people have died of the coronavirus since the start of the epidemic at the Châteaubriant hospital (Loire-Atlantique). This Friday 10th April 2020, the hospital counts 25 patients with Coronavirus Covid-19 hospitalised in its dedicated unit. A total of 40 have tested positive to date. Four were transferred to the intensive care unit, and five home visits were recorded.

“We are still seeing a stabilisation in the evolution of the number of hospitalized cases, but it is not said that tomorrow this will not progress significantly,” said Éric Manoeuvrier, director of the Châteaubriant Nozay Pouancé hospital centre.

The Pouancé sector under surveillance

The establishment is also ready to open an additional 10-bed unit at any time to accommodate these patients. “We are awaiting the test results from a good ten people present at our home. ”

In addition, the hospital remains on alert in the Pouancé sector (Maine-et-Loire), where several cases of Coronavirus Covid-19 have been identified.

Equipment problems solved

In terms of equipment needs, after solving the problem of supplying masks, the hospital this time erases from the table the problem of gowns. The Chateaubriant company Promoplast has adapted one of its machines to meet the needs of 30,000 gowns per week, formulated by the hospital.

“This takes away a real weight, rejoices Eric Maneuverer. The problem is solved for the overcoats, we can now fully devote ourselves to the care of the sick.”

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