Coronavirus: Seven out of Ten French People Support a Government of National Unity, According to a Poll

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Prime Minister Edouard Philippe and French President Emmanuel Macron.

EPIDEMIC: Among the parties currently in opposition that could be called to a government of National Unity, the people interviewed would mostly vote for environmentalists before Les Républicains

About seven in ten French (71%) would favour the formation of a government of national unity to confront the crisis of the coronavirus and its consequences, according to an Ifop poll for La Lettre de l’Expansion on Monday.

The proposal would appeal to a majority of respondents regardless of their partisan preference, and only 29% of those questioned would be opposed to it. LR voters are the most favourable (84%), ahead of PS (76%), RN (75%), LFI (72%) and LREM (62%). With regard to the parties currently in the opposition that could be called, the respondents would vote 80% for EELV environmentalists, ahead of LR (77%), the PS (67%), the RN (55%) and finally LFI (53%).

President Emmanuel Macron had mentioned on April 13 his desire to “build another project in harmony”. “In the coming weeks, with all the components of our Nation, I will try to draw this path that makes this possible,” he added.

A survey carried out on April 22nd and 23rd with a sample of 1,005 people representative of the French population aged 18 and over, according to the quota method. The margin of error from 1.4 to 3.1 points.

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