Coronavirus: Nearly 4 Million French People will Benefit from Exceptional Aid

More than 4 million households will benefit from emergency aid

Emmanuel Macron had indicated the payment of financial aid to the most modest households, during his last televised address, Monday 13th April 2020.

Something promised, something due. At the end of the Council of Ministers, which met this Wednesday 15th April 2020 at the end of the morning, the government announced the payment of exceptional aid for modest householdsone of the measures announced Monday by Emmanuel Macron.

Families with Children

  • Who is concerned?

The system would be modelled on the back-to-school allowance and extended, which should benefit more than 4 million households.

The most modest families with children are concerned, for which the closure of crèches and canteens involves new expenses.

But also precarious workers, for whom the current situation is complicated.

  • For what amount? 

The government has announced a premium of 150 euros per household benefiting from the RSA and the specific solidarity allowance (ASS), to which are added 100 euros per child.

premium of 100 euros per child will also be paid for households not eligible for the RSA but eligible for other social assistance, such as housing assistance or allowance for disabled adults.

  • From when? 

The aid will be paid in one lump sum, paid via the caisses d’allocations familiales (CAF), from 15th May.

An upcoming crisis exit plan

This aid had been promised by Emmanuel Macron during his fourth speech , Monday, April 13, 2020: “For the most fragile and the most disadvantaged, these weeks are also very difficult. I asked the government to go further [in its mobilization] and to pay exceptional assistance to the poorest families with children to enable them to meet their basic needs. 

The President of the Republic also announced Monday the extension of confinement until May 11th, 2020 to curb the epidemic of coronavirus on French soil.

The government also has 15 days to floor and present its comprehensive plan to end the crisis, and thus anticipate the economic reconstruction of the country.

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