Coronavirus: “General Public” Masks Distributed from May 11th “to all French People”

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During his fourth speech, Emmanuel Macron said that "general public" masks would be provided throughout the territory.

During his fourth speech, Emmanuel Macron indicated that “general public” masks would be provided throughout the territory. But still gave few details.

This is one of the measures presented yesterday, Monday 13th April 2020, by Emmanuel Macron: the distribution of masks to the population from May 11th, 2020, the act of deconfinement announced by the Head of State.

This endowment of masks will be applicable “to all French people” and will be “in conjunction with the mayors,” said the head of state.

Its use should also prove to be “  systematic  ” for certain trips (such as public transport), for professions particularly exposed to Coronavirus Covid-19 (such as carers), as well as for the most fragile people (notably the elderly ).

Reusable masks

Where to get them? From whom? How to get it? The President of the Republic did not give more details on these “general public” masks and left some questions unanswered.

This Tuesday 14th April 2020 morning, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran clarified on the radio RTL microphone that the masks mentioned will be made of fabric and washable. In other words, reusable.

If some wonder about the feasibility of providing as many masks as French on the territory, while the lack of suitable equipment has repeatedly been pointed out in hospitals, the minister wants to be reassuring.

“In one week, we received 60 million masks from China and produced 8 million, ” he said on his Twitter account. “Thus, we are distributing more protective equipment to our caregivers,” he added.

Prolonged containment

For those who hoped to get out of this period of confinement quickly, it will be necessary to take his pain patiently for another month. During his fourth speech Monday 13th April 2020, Emmanuel Macron announced that the confinement would be extended until May 11th, 2020.

The President of the Republic gave his government a fortnight to establish an overall deconfinement plan and to prepare “after May 11”. An original strategy, “applied nowhere”, specifies Olivier Véran on RTL, and in which all the options will be “considered”.

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