Coronavirus: End of Season in Starligue, PSG still Champion, HBC Nantes Finishes 2nd

End of the Hanball season in France due to coronavirus

After Emmanuel Macron’s speech, the Ligue nationale de handball (LNH) announced that it will end the championships definitively this season.

Final whistle for the Lidl StarligueThis Tuesday 14th April 2020, the steering committee of the National Handball League announced to put an end to the championships and to freeze the rankings, according to a press release

16 elite clubs next season

Paris Saint-Germain is therefore crowned champion of France for the sixth consecutive time. The HBC Nantes finished in 2 nd place and the USAM Nîmes completed the podium.

The Cesson club, at the head of the Proligue, will be able to climb back into the elite, accompanied by Limoges. No team will descend to the second division. The StarLigue will thus have 16 clubs next season.

The final phase of the Coupe de France and the NHL Trophies are cancelled.

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Nantes will compete in a European Cup

In its press release, the NHL indicates that it will propose to the European federation the files of Paris for the Champions League, as well as those of Nantes, Nîmes, Montpellier and Toulouse for the European Handball League. 

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