Coronavirus Covid-19: France Crosses the Bar of 6000 Deaths in Hospitals and in Nursing Homes

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Resuscitation services are always full in France, due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Friday 3rd April 2020, France has recorded 5,091 deaths in hospitals and 1,416 in nursing homes, linked to the coronavirus pandemic, since March 1st, 2020.

New cases of Covid-19 are registered in France every day. On Friday 3rd April 2020, France recorded 5,091 deaths in hospitals, and 1,416 people died in nursing homes. This brings a total of 6,507 coronavirus-related deaths since March 1st.

27,432 people are hospitalized, including 6,662 in intensive care. More than 500 patients were transferred to less crowded departments.

A total of 64,338 cases of contamination have been confirmed.

The director-general of health also insists on another figure, that of the people healed, namely 14008 since the beginning of the epidemic.

First death among police officers

This is the first death of a police officer linked to the coronavirus. A man, major of police stationed in Seine-et-Marne, lost his life this Friday at the age of 54, we learned via the national police.

Major in the central recruitment and training department based in Lognes (Seine-et-Marne), he was in charge of training intervention techniques.

The baccalaureate and the certificate will be validated by continuous monitoring

The announcement was made this Friday by the Minister of National Education,  Jean-Michel Blanquer: all the exams – Brevetatentprofessional and general baccalaureateBEPCAP and BTS – will be validated in continuous control, with the average scores obtained prior to the containment period.

Only the oral examination of the French baccalaureate is maintained, “if the sanitary conditions allow it”. It should be held “late June or early July”.

Moreover, uniquely, all students will have classes until the 4th July. Attendance, “condition sine qua non for graduation,” he said, “will be verified.”

Strengthening sanitary measures at Amazon

The trade union organizations of the online retail giant demanding for several days more sanitary measures in warehouses. This Friday, Frédéric Duval, General Manager of Amazon France, assured them that ”  in all buildings Amazon France, employees will be equipped with masks on their request.”</span

In addition, as of Monday, temperature control by a thermal camera will be implemented “at the entrance to sites in France”.

Prison for illegal resale of masks

It is a first since the start of the coronavirus epidemic in France: a man was sentenced in Paris to one year in prison for illegal resale of masks.

In total, 20,000 masks were seized at his home on 19th district. They were requisitioned by the government.

The awkward sentence of the Paris prefect of police

The Paris prefect of police, Didier Lallement, made the link this Friday between those who breached confinement and those hospitalised in intensive care, patients with coronavirus. Polemical remarks quickly denounced

“No need to be penalized to understand that those who are hospitalized today, that we find in the resuscitation, are those who at the beginning of confinement did not respect it. There is a very simple correlation.”

He later regretted his statements.

“Basically, this is false,” he added a few hours later after arousing outrage on social networks.

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