Coronavirus Covid-19: 833 Additional Deaths, 7,072 Serious Cases… the Results in France

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The toll of the Coronavirus Covid-19 continues to climb as the French began their third week of confinement.

During a press briefing this Monday 6th April 2020, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran indicated that France has 8911 dead, including 2417 in Ehpad, related to the coronavirus.

The toll of the coronavirus epidemic has further increased. The Minister of Health Olivier Véran announced, during a press briefing, this Monday 6th April 2020, 833 additional deaths linked to covid-19, including 605 in hospitals.

France thus deplores since March 1st a total of 8,911 dead, including 2,417 in nursing homes and medico-social establishments. 

29,722 people are hospitalised and 7,072 are in serious condition. 478 new patients have been admitted to intensive care in the last 24 hours.

The minister also said that 17,250 people had been healed.

“The road remains long and nothing is finished”

Olivier Véran wanted to pay tribute to all the healthcare staff who have been fighting against the epidemic from the start. “Their determination is flawless, in human situations which all bear their share of suffering. ”

He ensures that their mobilisation will help overcome the peak of the epidemic. “The road is long, we are not there yet, and nothing is finished. Our citizen mobilization is just as vital. ”

Massive screenings in nursing homes

The minister also promised a vast screening operation among the residents of Ehpad, the most vulnerable people, as well as all the personnel. “They will be tested from the appearance of the first confirmed case” within the establishment.

A digital travel certificate

In the other measures underway since this Monday 6th April 2020, it is now possible to download your special travel certificate directly to your smartphone or tablet.

Until now, it was only allowed to use a paper certificate. From now on, you can download the form online, on the website of the Ministry of the Interior. 

QR code is then activated, and can be scanned by the police during their checks.

More screenings

Hitherto reserved for biological laboratories, screening tests for Covid-19 may now be carried out in laboratories which are not normally authorized to carry out medical biology procedures.

Are concerned “public research laboratories, veterinary laboratories and departmental laboratories” lists the Directorate General for Health. Behind this announcement hides the will of the State to reach 50,000 tests per day by the end of the month. 

480,000 tickets issued

Since the implementation of containment measures on Tuesday 17th March 2020, 480,000 fines have been issued , out of 8.2 million checks.

As a reminder, the fine for non-compliance with confinement is 135 euros. It increases to 200 euros in the event of recidivism within 15 days, and 3,700 euros and six months in prison for four violations within 30 days.

The greatest recession since 1945

The Minister of the Economy drew up an inventory of the French economic situation , linked to the coronavirus pandemic. And the report is alarming: the country should experience this year, its deepest recession since 1945 .

“We will probably be far beyond -2.2%” this year, said Bruno Le Maire, taking as reference the first growth assessment of 2009, “worst” figure since 1945.

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