Coronavirus Covid-19: 18 Million People will be Confined after May 11th, says Scientific Council

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According to the Scientific Council, 18 million people at risk will have to remain in confinement after May 11

People at risk from Coronavirus Covid-19 will not be able to benefit from deconfinement after May 11th, 2020, said the president of the Scientific Council.

Since Monday 13th April 2020, everyone knows that the confinement is extended until May 11th. But then what should we expect? If the question does not find an immediate clear answer, the president of the Scientific Council gave leads concerning a part of the population.

During a hearing before the Senate law committee, Wednesday 15th April 2020, Jean-François Delfraissy estimated that 18 million people at risk will have to remain confined after May 11th.

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Who are these 18 million people?

The president of the Scientific Council specified that at the end of the containment, there will be 18 million people (most at risk) who will be able to “develop a serious form” of the contamination.

These people are those of a “certain age, above 65 or 70 years”, but also “people with long-term ailments, multipathologies (respiratory failure, cardiac …), but” young subjects with a pathology “and” obese people “, considered fragile in the face of the virus.

“All that makes 18 million people. […] For [them], we will continue confinement”

The President of the Scientific Council said he did not know at the moment how long this measure could apply. He added that it was a measure “pending the availability of a preventative drug”.

Still, according to him, deconfinement should be postponed if these conditions, in particular a sufficient number of screening tests and the establishment of a system for tracing contacts of newly identified cases, are not met

The European Union, for its part, believes that contacts with the elderly in Europe will have to remain limited until at least the end of 2020.

In his last speech, Emmanuel Macron indicated that the elderly carrying chronic, respiratory, cardiac diseases, particularly fragile against Coronavirus Covid-19, will have to remain confined after May 11th.

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