Coronavirus Covid-19: Up to 1,500 Euros Premium for Carers and Certain Civil Servants

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Some civil servants will benefit from exceptional aid of up to 1,000 euros.

The government met this Wednesday 15th April on the occasion of a new council of ministers, to discuss financial issues and the terms of economic assistance.

A first step towards the revaluation of wages? This Wednesday, April 15, 2020, after a new Council of Ministers, the government announced the payment of a bonus to some of these officials, including caregivers.

Caregiver premium

The Prime Minister announced a bonus of 1,500 euros for carers on the front line with Covid-19 patients, especially those from the most affected regions. It will be paid in May.

In addition, there is an increase of 50% in overtime, without added tax, assured the Minister of Health Olivier Véran, who said that it represented on average more than 600 euros.

According to Olivier Véran, these two measures correspond to financial assistance of more than 2,000 euros in total.

These two measures will also be applied to nursing staff who have received Covid-19 patients in their region, which represents around thirty departments according to Olivier Véran. More than 108 so-called “Covid +” establishments are concerned.

For the other caregivers, a bonus of 500 euros will be granted to them, to which is added the 50% increase in overtime (on average 600 euros extra).

A bonus for the staff of nursing homes and medico-social establishments will also be allocated, after discussion with the departments, said the Minister.

Bonus for other public officials

For persons in the State civil service, aid of 1,000 euros tax-free will be granted to the personnel mobilized.

For the personnel of the territorial public service , the government wishes that this same aid of 1000 euros be also paid to their mobilized personnel but leaves the choice to the mayors to allocate it.

A post-May 11th plan under consideration

This bonus comes shortly after Emmanuel Macron’s speech, Monday 13th April 2020. “Our country today is entirely based on women and men who our economies recognize and pay so poorly. Social distinctions can only be based on common utility, ”said the head of state.

The government has fifteen days to floor and present its plan for “after May 11”, a new deconfinement date set by Emmanuel Macron when he spoke. 

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