Coronavirus: 50 Members of the French Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle Tested Positive

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The origin of the coronavirus contamination of the aircraft carrier is currently unknown.

Three sailors were evacuated “as a preventive measure” and transferred by helicopter to a French hospital, the Ministry of the Armies announced on Friday 10th April 2020.

Doubts hovered yesterday over the situation aboard the Charles de Gaulle. This Friday 10th April 2020, 24 hours after the announcement of a suspected case of coronavirus among the crew of the aircraft carrier, the Ministry of the Armed Forces confirmed that 50 members had tested positive.

Three of them were also evacuated, “as a preventive measure”, then transferred to a hospital in France, he details in a press release.

No “worsening of the health” of seafarers

In total, 66 tests were carried out on board by a medical team dispatched Wednesday 8th April by plane, specifies the ministry.

Composed of two epidemiologist doctors, a biosecurity expert and a doctor in charge of the samples – who left the ship in the evening of Wednesday “in order to analyze the samples” – the latter is conducting an investigation in order to ‘ Identify the causes of contamination and apply the “protocol to limit the spread of the virus,” he adds.
At present, “no deterioration in the state of health of seafarers on board has been observed”.

On the way to Toulon

After passing through Brest (Finistère) on March 20th, Charles de Gaulle continues its road to Toulon. In the meantime, new measures aimed at strengthening the protection of seafarers and limiting transmissions have been “put in place”. Among them, the wearing of a mask, which has been generalized to the entire crew.

Seafarers infected with Covid-19 or showing symptoms continue to “receive specific care”:

“Close medical monitoring is continued, as well as confinement in a section of the boat, specially adapted several days before.”

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