Coronavirus: 1,311 Dead in the Grand Est, High Mortality in One Day

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An operation to evacuate coronavirus patients in the Grand Est.

Mortality linked to the coronavirus started to rise sharply in the Grand Est, Friday 3rd April 2020. The region passed the mark of 1,300 deaths.

After a lull in the number of deaths on Thursdaymortality is starting to shoot up sharply in the Grand Est this Friday 3rd April 2020, according to the latest figures published in the evening by Santé Publique France. 

1,311 people died of coronavirus in the ten departments of the region, 133 more in just 24 hours. In intensive care, there are 4,712 patients treated in hospitals (+55). 971 are in intensive care (+22).

2,543 were healed and were able to return to their homes. That’s an increase of 316 more people in twenty-four hours.

Lorraine exceeds 500 deaths, more than 600 in Alsace

The Lorraine meanwhile surpassed the 500 deaths bar. It is the Moselle department which is the most affected with a new alert message, this time from several elected officials, addressed to the government on the chaotic situation of the establishments. According to them, there is a lack of respirators, places for resuscitation and a shortage of drugs is to be expected.

In Alsace, despite strict containment measures, the coronavirus continues to spread. The new balance sheet shows 693 deaths recorded in Alsatian hospitals. Including 441 in the Haut-Rhin, one of the main centres of the epidemic.

France has recorded 5,091 deaths in hospitals and 1,416 in nursing homes , linked to the coronavirus pandemic, since March 1st, 2020.

Evacuations to come in the coming days

Jérôme Salomon, the Director-General of Health, has once again announced “new evacuation operations” for patients from the Grand Est “already scheduled” to come in the coming days. Medical TGVs and air resources from the Air Force will still be mobilized to relieve hospitals in Lorraine and Alsace.

This Friday, Lorraine patients from the coronavirus were evacuated by military A330 during a “Morphée” operation from Luxembourg airport to Toulouse. At the same time, a TGV departed from Strasbourg to the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region with 24 Alsatian patients on board.

The elected Lorraine and Alsatians were preparing these last hours of new evacuations to come, probably this weekend, to the south or even the southwest.

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