Cooking Tip: How to Make Meat Tastier?

Salt and pepper are the most used ingredients to enhance the taste of meat

Spices and marinades are a good way to add flavour to the meat. But your efforts will be in vain if the meat is of poor quality. Make sure you choose it.

For beef, prefer the parsley pieces. It is the fat that gives the rib steak its good taste. The same goes for pork and vealSmall savoury or stew, do not forget to take a few fatty pieces that will bring softness and flavour.

Salt and pepper

How to season roasted meat, grilled in a pan, on a plancha or on the barbecue? Salt and pepper are the most used ingredients to enhance the taste of meat, but they react differently.

Salt is hydrophilic, in other words, it attracts water. However, its action is quite slow. It is, therefore, possible to salt without risk at the start of cooking. It is even preferable because at the end of cooking the crust formed on the surface of the meat prevents the salt from penetrating to the heart.

Pepper can burn and lose its aromas under the action of high fire. The ideal is, therefore, to give the mill a few turns at the end of cookingWhite, red, green, black, Sichuan, Lampong: there are now all kinds of peppers on the market with very different aromas. Why not take a little tour of the world of flavours in the pepper tree!

Salt and pepper are great assets
Salt and pepper are great assets. (© Formaa –


Many marinades can be used to flavour meatA shoulder of lamb, for example, will exhale all its flavours after spending a night in a marinade prepared with olive oil, two glasses of white wine, a tablespoon of vinegar, a little chopped garlic, thyme and rosemary.

There are different kinds of marinades.
There are different kinds of marinades. (© Nataliia –

More exotic, chicken fillets and sleeves will transport you to Asia thanks to a marinade made with a little oil, two teaspoons of curry, grated ginger (or powder), a little chopped garlic, a pinch of chili pepper and some fresh coriander leaves.

A rule to remember: do not dirty the marinade for the reasons explained above. On the other hand, you can give free rein to your imagination and your tastes to create new marinades.

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