Confinement: Soon a Certificate of Movement on Smartphone

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From April 6, 2020, there will be a digital travel certificate during confinement

Since the start of confinement, the certificate of derogatory displacement had to be made on paper. From Monday 6th April 2020, it can be done on a smartphone.

After almost three weeks of filling out derogatory certificates on paper, it will be possible to use a digital travel certificateAnd this from Monday 6th April 2020, announces Christophe Castaner in the columns of the Parisian.

The Minister of the Interior indicates that this form can be presented from his smartphone and can be presented to the police using a QR Code.

“You will have to specify your exit time, but the time at which you edited the document will be accessible to the police. This will prevent people from completing the certificate only at the sight of a police check.”

How does it work?

The form available online as of Monday therefore, on the website of the Ministry of the Interior and the government will provide information on the identity, address, reason for leaving, as well as the date and time…

A PDF file including all the information and in the image of the paper version is then generated. This document automatically includes a QR Code comprising all of the data in the form, as well as the date and time of generation of the document.

The government specifies that this system will not collect user data and will help fight time stamping fraud .

A little flexibility for the French

Since the start of confinement, Tuesday, March 17, 2020, the police have already drawn up more than 380,000 fines for non-compliance with the confinement rules.

But the French having appropriated these measures, we observe a slight drop in fines. “We have the feeling that the French have understood that this is protection and that if we want to” break the chains of propagation “, the containment must be effective,” says Christophe Castaner.

This is why “it is, therefore, appropriate to give them a little flexibility with this tool”.

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