Confinement: The Period for a Induced Abortion Lengthened up to Nine Weeks

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The period for a induced abortion lengthened up to nine weeks during coronavirus crisis

The government has just lengthened the deadline for performing an induced abortion during the Covid-19 crisis: it has been increased from seven to nine weeks.

Validated at first instance by the French High Authority for Health, the government has just confirmed the measure. The delay for drug abortion at home has been reduced from seven to nine weeks, announced Marlène Schiappa. 

And this, throughout the new coronavirus crisis.

The decree was published in the Official Journal on Wednesday 15th April 2020 and it states:

“In view of the health situation (…), voluntary abortions practiced medically by a doctor or midwife may be carried out until the end of the seventh week of pregnancy (or nine weeks of gestation, date of the latest rules).”

This will limit hospital consultations.

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Abortion: a priority

Until now, drug-induced abortion has been possible up to seven weeks of amenorrhea (absence of rules) for home practices, and nine weeks in hospitals.

The government thus comes to corroborate the opinion of the High Authority of Health which, on April 10, 2020, recommended this extension: »it is imperative in the current epidemic situation to guarantee a response to requests for abortion, in conditions which do not lead to exceeding the legal time limits of IVG, while limiting the exposures of the patients and the professionals to COVID-19, and by sparing the resources of the health establishments ”.

Medicated abortion can be prescribed by a liberal doctor or by a midwife who, in fact, can prescribe and provide follow-up by teleconsultation.

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