Confinement in France: Emmanuel Macron Extends until May 11th

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Confinement in France is extended. The population is invited to stay at home to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

Four more weeks. To curb the coronavirus epidemic, the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, extended the confinement in France until May 11th.

Emmanuel Macron addressed the French again this Monday 13th April 2020.

The President of the Republic announced the extension of confinement in France until May 11th to curb the epidemic of coronavirus which has already killed nearly 15,000 people in France according to the last official report released on Monday evening .

The head of state spoke from the Elysee Palace at 8:02 p.m. after applause for the caregivers across France.

Hope and rules

Emmanuel Macron praised the courage of the French who respect the strict rules of confinement

“The epidemic is starting to slow down. Resuscitation admissions decrease, hope is reborn but nothing is acquired”

From May 11th, nurseries, schools, colleges and high schools should reopen.

“To avoid widening inequalities, children will go back to school, with protective solutions for themselves and for teachers”

Higher education will not resume physically until after the summer.

Bars and restaurants remain closed

Bars, cafes and restaurants will not be able to resume their activity in four weeks, just like the big summer festivals.

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Confinement was decreed on March 17th in France.

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