48 Coronavirus Patients from Greater Paris are Evacuated to Nouvelle-Aquitaine, including 12 at the Bordeaux University Hospital

Local News
Patients carrying Covid-19 must arrive at Saint-Jean station in Bordeaux, to be hospitalized in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

This Friday 10th April 2020, a medical TGV must transport 48 patients suffering from coronavirus from Île de France to hospitals in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

This Friday, a medical TGV must transport 48 patients with Coronavirus Covid-19 from the Ile-de-FranceThey will be taken care of in different hospitals in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

“National solidarity”

Yann Bubien, the director of the Bordeaux University Hospital, said at the end of March, during the first patient transfers to New Aquitaine, that this is “national solidarity”.

“We are not a rear base but we have significant reception capacities in intensive care. It is our duty to welcome patients from these regions such as Ile-de-France or Grand Est.”

The Gironde SAMU teams mobilized

The highly mobilized teams of SAMU 33 joined the convoy this Thursday to accompany and take care of patients during transport.

Twelve patients will be referred to the Bordeaux University Hospital and will be admitted to the intensive care unit at the Pellegrin and Saint-André sites in Bordeaux as well as at the Haut-Lévêque site in Pessac (Gironde).

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