19,323 Deaths, 642 in the Last 24 Hours: Figures for the Coronavirus Epidemic in France

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19,323 dead, 642 in the last 24 hours: figures for the coronavirus epidemic in France

The coronavirus epidemic has claimed almost 20,000 lives in France. For the past ten days, the trend has been downward in intensive care services.

Like every day, Santé Publique France presented the figures for the coronavirus epidemic affecting France.

Here’s what to remember this Saturday 18th April 2020:

  • 19,323: the number of deaths in France since the appearance of the virus. 11,842 people died in hospital and 7,481 died in an nursing home or a medico-social establishment.
  • 642: the number of additional deaths in the last 24 hours.
  • 30,639 people are still hospitalized today (- 551 compared to yesterday)
  • 5833 people are in serious condition in intensive care. This figure continues to fall.
  • 35,983 people have been able to return home after hospitalization to date.

Extend confinement for the elderly or frail: it’s no

The head of state does not want discrimination between the French after May 11. He calls for individual responsibility to continue protecting himself from the coronavirus.

Confusion, loss of bearings: the coronavirus also seems to affect the brain

In addition to fever, cough and shortness of breath, another symptom appears in Covid-19 patients: confusion. Research on the impact on the brain is underway.

Reopening of schools: have we measured all the risks?

In the coming weeks, the reopening of schools will mark the end of confinement in several European countries. While the Covid-19 epidemic still seems far from a general decline, is the risk well weighed?

What are the risks for children and teachers? Is the resumption of lessons likely to relaunch the epidemic before the summer period? We are trying to see more clearly with several doctors and epidemiologists.

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