Zoom: The Video Conferencing Application Apologises and Ensures that it No Longer Shares Data with Facebook

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Person using zoom on a smartphone

PRIVACY: The video conferencing application Zoom, has been updated and the leaders have apologized to the users

A Vice article recently embarrassed the Zoom video conferencing application by revealing that it shared some data with Facebook. Its officials insisted on reacting immediately.

Thus, Friday 27th March, an update was deployed to end the sharing of data with the social network, they told the media specializing in Tech. Before that, Facebook knew, for example, which smartphone model the user had, which operating system he was using, or even what time zone he was in.

A service in strong progression because of confinement

“Zoom takes the privacy of its users extremely seriously,” said those responsible for the application. We initially implemented the “Connect with Facebook” feature using the Facebook SDK to provide our users with a convenient way to access our platform. However, we recently learned that the Facebook SDK collects unnecessary data from devices. ”

Zoom made a point of apologizing to its users, in clear increase since a part of the planet is confined because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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