Weather in Nantes: Forecast for Saturday 21st March 2020

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WEATHER: The weather in Nantes will slowly improve during the day and give way to sunny spells. The temperatures will be 10 ° C in the morning and 13 ° C in the afternoon …

Today, the city of Nantes will be affected by a northeast wind of 25 km / h. Young and old can spend their morning under a slightly cloudy sky. Temperatures will be around 10 ° C. The weather will gradually cloud throughout the afternoon with the arrival of light clouds. The highest will reach 14 ° C while the lowest will be 12 ° C. The evening will remain grey due to light clouds which persist in the sky. Mercury will average 11 ° C. Between Saturday and Sunday, the night will be clear.

Tomorrow, in Nantes, light clouds will not make room for the sun. A northeast wind is forecast to blow at 24 km / h. The sky will gradually darken during the morning with the appearance of clouds. It will be 7 ° C on average. Tomorrow afternoon, the sun will be hidden behind small clouds. Values ​​will display between 9 ° C and 10 ° C. The evening will remain veiled because of light clouds which remain in the sky. The temperature will be 9 ° C on average.

Weather conditions will improve in the following days. It will be 7 ° C on average for days with sunny weather.

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