Toulouse: Major Fire in a House, Seven People Evacuated in the Early Morning

Local News
House fire at Saint-Simon in Toulouse

Seven people had to be evacuated by the firefighters, Monday 2nd March 2020 in the early morning, in a house prey to flames, road from Saint-Simon to Toulouse.

The Departmental Fire and Rescue Service was contacted for a “major fire” that broke out in a house, around 5:20 am, Monday 2nd March, 2020, route de Saint-Simon, southwest of Toulouse.

Seven people evacuated

Seven people had to be evacuated by the fire brigade, but there were, a priori, no injuries. The roof of the house was completely destroyed, and the firefighters were fighting against the flames raging inside the building.

Twenty firefighters on site

Twenty firefighters from the Colomiers and Toulouse rescue centres were sent to the site. The fire was not under control at 7.15 am. before the showers and gusts of wind linked to storm Karine swept across the Pink City.

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