Facebook: New Features Adapted to the Confinement Period

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The social network Facebook adapting to users in confinement due to Coronavirus

SOCIAL NETWORK: Facebook has adapted its roadmap to the new uses of its products by confined internet users and gives priority to Facebook Live and aid to content creators

Faced with the new uses of Facebook during the Covid-19 pandemic, company officials want to adapt quickly. Their priority was, first of all, to fight against false information circulating on the coronavirusThe company now wants to provide the tools necessary for companies in difficulty and individuals in confinement.

For this, the social network intends to rely on Facebook Live and presented new features on Friday, reports Bloomberg.

Advantage content creators

Among them is an expansion of monetization on the portal. Tools allow more content creators to be rewarded with remuneration. Evolution is welcome in the midst of an economic crisis. “We are currently focusing on helping our users during this very special time,” said Fiji Simo, director of the Facebook application. Providing them with economic opportunities is the right priority. ”

It is also possible today to watch videos on the platform without having an account on the social network. Facebook “Live is currently in full swing,” says Fiji Simo.

Increase in WhatsApp and Messenger

In addition to Live, Facebook’s News and groups apps mobilize a large part of the Californian group’s efforts and employees. Social functions linked to parties, sporting events and other physical groupings are no longer accepted. Just like the market place. On the other hand, tools facilitating remote communications and interactions have become very important in the daily life of users.

The number of voice and written messages exchanged via WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger is increasing by 50% in some of the geographic areas hardest hit by the coronavirus. Since January, the number of Americans using Facebook Live to watch live video has also increased by 50%.

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